I have been fortunate to work with hundreds of people over decades in clinical and community settings. Every client I work with teaches me something and they are my inspiration for doing great work.

Many folks have sent me wonderful reports about their journey to better health and wellness. Here are a few of the stories I’ve been part of over the years.

What People Say

Betty R.

Thank you so much for helping me to get a handle on my diet and finding an eating pattern that is doable for me.  My weight loss in 8 months has been 27 pounds!  Glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides are all in the normal range and I am off the metformin and statins!  Plus, get this: I am vigorously walking…

Elaine T.

Thank you for all we learned in your healing soups cooking class! My husband and I both commented on what a natural teacher you are and how obviously you love what you do to help people become healthier. Next time you offer a class, count us in!

Kevin S.

Thank you for helping me tailor nutrition into my life. Like you said, it’s a journey. I’m on the supplements you recommended and am making the healthiest food choices ever. Energy is better, my blood glucose labs are improved quite a bit and the new way of eating is becoming a great habit. So good…

Mike D.

I would like to personally thank you, Rita, for helping me along the road to better health.  I’ve read the books you recommended, and I’m moving in the direction of total wellness.  I successfully have navigated some challenging food situations, coming away with wellness and a sense of power instead of guilt and shame. You…

Linda K.

After attending the Reversing Heart Disease workshops for nearly two years, I have learned a tremendous amount from Rita and the other participants.  Rita’s advice is backed by sound science and I always come home with new recipes and ideas.  She has helped me navigate all of the diet recommendations out there for people with…

Sharon K.

How funny that after my appointment with you today I would pick up the Prescott Woman magazine at lunch – with your photograph on the cover!  I got to say, ‘Hey, I know her!’ I am so glad you settled here and so glad I met you.  You made my meal planning all seem simple,…

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